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How do you determine the value of a Diego Rivera drawing/painting?

Our expert appraisers have extensive knowledge of the fine art market, particularly as it relates to the demand for Diego Rivera’s work. Several factors are taken into consideration, including the sale record, the current economic climate and the artistic merit of the client’s piece.

How is artistic merit determined?

Artistic merit is an unquantifiable quality. It takes years of training and hands-on experience to develop the necessary detection skills. Our appraisers can identify the subtle differences between a good Rivera and an amazing Rivera.

What is so special about Rivera’s work?

One unique aspect of Rivera’s works is their social and historical significance. Rivera was a Communist and his drawings and paintings are rife with political meaning. This adds another dimension to the value of a particular piece. Appraisals of his work require expertise related specifically to Diego Rivera and the time in which he lived.

Why should I get my piece appraised?

The majority of our clients come to us for appraisals because they are interested in selling or insuring their authenticated works, or because they are just curious. However, we also assist with estate valuation, tax-deductible donations and divorce settlements.

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